NFT Hydroponics Cultivation


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NFT Hydroponics Cultivation

What is NFT hydroponics?

The NFT: The abbreviation of nutrient film technique, easy to say is that a growing of plant base on nutrient solution in a growing gully.
Grow Principle: Enable a thin water film to be maintained in growing gully l throughout the crop planting. The thin film enables the dissolved oxygen taken by the root of plants to be replaced in the water film because of the relatively large surface area available. 
NFT Coponents: Consists of nutrition tank, solution supply and return device, and growing gully and controlled equipment.

Cultivation Theory:
The planting circles will be differ when the varieties of leafy vegetable differ. Normally, for hydroponic cultivation, the period from seeding until harvesting is shorter than it for the soil planting.  We take the most common leafy vegetable: 

Lettuce as example: 
Suppose one head of lettuce is 150-200G when harvesting
The Period for seedling: 15-20days
The period from planting to harvesting: 35days.

Cultivation for various leafy vegetables such as lettuce, herb and so on with short growing periond.

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